JPetStore Demo

The JPetStore Demo is an online pet store. Like most e-stores, you can browse and search the product catalog, choose items to add to a shopping cart, amend the shopping cart, and order the items in the shopping cart. You can perform many of these actions without registering with or logging into the application. However, before you can order items you must log in (sign in) to the application. In order to sign in, you must have an account with the application, which is created when you register (sign up) with the application.

Signing Up

To sign up, click the Sign-in link at the right end of the banner. Next, click the New User link in the resulting page. Among other information, the signup page requires you to provide a user identifier and password. This information is used to identify your account and must be provided when signing in.

Signing In

You sign in to the application by clicking the Sign-in link at the right end of the banner, filling in the user identifier and password, and clicking the Submit button.

You will also be redirected to the signin page when you try to place an order and you have not signed in. Once you have signed in, you can return to your shopping session by clicking the shopping cart icon at the right end of the banner.

Working with the Product Catalog

This section describes how to browse and search the product catalog.

Browsing the Catalog

The pet store catalog is organized hierarchically as follows: categories, products, items.

You list the pets in a category by clicking on the category name in the left column of the main page, or by clicking on the picture representing the category.

Once you select a category, the pet store will display a list of products within a category. Selecting a product displays a list of items and their prices. Selecting a product item displays a text and visual description of the item and the number of that item in stock.

Searching the Catalog

You search for products by typing the product name in search field in the middle of the banner.

Working with the Shopping Cart

Adding and Removing Items

You add an item to your shopping cart by clicking the Add to Cart button to the right of an item. This action also displays your shopping cart.

You can remove the item by clicking the Remove button to the left of the item.

To continue shopping, you select a product category from the list under the banner.

Updating the Quantity of an Item

You adjust the quantity of an item by typing the quantity in the item's Quantity field in the shopping cart and clicking the Update button.

If the quantity of items requested is greater than that in stock, the In Stock field in the shopping cart will show that the item is backordered.

Ordering Items

You order the items in the shopping cart by selecting the Proceed to Checkout button. The pet store will display a read-only list of the shopping cart contents. To proceed with the checkout, click the Continue button.

If you have not signed in, the application will display the signin page, where you will need to provide your account name and password. Otherwise, the application will display a page requesting payment and shipping information. When you have filled in the required information, you click the Submit button, and the application will display a read-only page containing your billing and shipping address. If you need to change any information, click your browser's Back button and enter the correct information. To complete the order, you click the Continue button.

Reviewing An Order

The final screen contains your order information.

The application can be set up to send email confirmation of orders. This option can only be set when the application is deployed. See the installation instructions for further information.